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The Tatiana Show – Distributed: Markets (Chicago) multiple interviews with the top minds from Zen Protocol, Republic Crypto, Kraken, VeriBlock, Torus Alliance, Leverj Exchange, Bond.One, Vulcanize & Blockdaemon

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Topics include:

— Blockchain technology, coding, scaling, programming, cryptocurrency, financial regulations, investing, trends, analysis, products and services and more!

About the Guests:

  • Adam Perlow (CEO of Zen Protocol) is a finance grad from the IDC, an Israeli army reservist, and an old hand in Bitcoin. He’s known it was going places since the day he first heard about it, way back in 2011.

  • Ayesha Kiani is the Managing Director at Republic Crypto – A trusted presale token fundraising platform for all types of investors. She was previously at SingularDTV – A Consensys company. She’s a Venture Partner at NextGen Ventures and a Board Member for Ventures for America. She has a Bachelor’s in Finance from Stern, a JD from NYU Law School, and previously worked at Skadden. She likes House Music.

  • Ryan Andersen, (Kraken) Technology headhunter with a successful track record within financial, banking, high frequency trading, crypto and technology markets. My studies and early career path were technology based and now I apply that to the technical recruiting realm while staying current with trends in technology. Experienced as a consistent top producing agency recruiter and corporate recruiting. I have international experience and have adapted successfully in changing environments.

  • Maxwell Sanchez is Co-Founder and CTO of VeriBlock, a blockchain software development company. He is also the co-inventor of the Proof-of-Proof protocol which enables blockchains to inherit Bitcoin’s computational security in a fully decentralized, transparent, trustless, and permissionless manner. Passionate about decentralized and trustless technologies since 2011, Maxwell has built remote miner management software, OpenCL/CUDA GPU miners, cloud services, cryptocurrencies, and more for the blockchain ecosystem. He is a lead developer of the three-year-old Curecoin project which rewards users for contributing idle computing resources to biomedical research, developed the first public blockchain testnet to use post-quantum cryptography, and actively works on alternative blockchain security and scalability solutions leveraging level-2 technologies.

  • Liz Wald (TORUS Alliance) has spent 20+ years building global marketplaces, with a career spanning the early days of AOL and Etsy, to the recent explosion of crowdfunding, to using innovative technologies and approaches to disrupt existing supply chains. Liz works with and/or advise a range of start-ups on strategy, fundraising and general operations. She is currently learning what she can about blockchain and tokens.

  • Bharath Rao, CEO and founder of Leverj Exchange, and other projects.

  • Russell Feldman, Chief Business Officer for Bond.One, a blockchain-based bond underwriting, distribution, and trading platform that will revolutionize the fixed income industry.

  • Rick Dudley (Vulcanize) has over 16 years of experience as a software developer and IT consultant. He specializes in decentralized peer to peer cryptosystems and smart contracts. He has built systems that have remained in production without maintenance for decades.

  • Konstantin Richter, CEO/Co-Founder of Blockdaemon, highly creative and inspirational business leader. Fund-Raiser. CEO Trainer. Recognized for building and scaling business strategies around value enhancing narratives. Excited to help companies building data solutions around decentralization, identity and one-workflow-universes. Expertise in blockchain, genomics, rich-media and IoT.

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